Just A Monster

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work anymore.

One minute it is balanced and handled and happening. And then it isn’t.

Suddenly you are weeping while you are driving, so much that you pull over, to try and stop shaking. And then, out of instinct, you flip on the windshield wipers in perfectly dry weather. You know, to help you see more clearly.

Because you are an idiot.

Not to mention a horrible mother. Although, “I don’t think you’re a bad mother, but…” was the exact quote.

And yes, other people can’t make us feel things. Only ‘we’ can make us feel things. Fine. ‘I’m’ making me feel things, and I’d like very, very much like to stop feeling these things.

So, yeah. Acting this weekend. Which is great. Which means putting my child second, which is apparently what I do. You know, aside from ruining his Halloween and his soul forever and always, till death do us part and should we both rise, ruin it all again.


What are you going as for Halloween?

I’m going as a monster.