Didn’t Ask

didn’t ask

not for your compliments 

or your suggestions

not for your beautifuls 

or your babes

not for your offers to do nothing

or your willingness to not share

not for your partial truths

or your outright lies

not for your illusions and daydreams

or your fairytales or future

didn’t want 

your pretty pictures, real as  resurrected infants

or your horrors realized

your nightmares in my bed

or your food on my screen

your constant commandeering

and then your secret retreat

your comparisons and your not quites

your so closes and your not enoughs

your second thoughts 

and your blind apologies

what is the ask

what is love and safety

challenge and respect

reality with petals and thorns

dreams with sweaty sheets

and a washing machine 

down the hall

given the decent truth 

not being told the clothes 

are clean


damn well

they are dirty

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