His Cup

Close full to my

near empty

born with bigger cups

for others to drink from

Needful to drain mouthfuls

to keep yourself slaked

how else can you

service others

in my cups

a spinning buzzy place

only stayed in

for a moment


has to be in charge

and its always me

take this and drink

I thought was the offer

the moment given

with promise of return



and drank

and drank

always trusting

the cup would be offered


and again

and again

until I went too deep

stained lips a shade

too dark

and the cup

was buried

under cloth

and ornamentation

a show for

the audience

eager to applaud

to touch

their congratulations


I didn’t want to


I wanted to

Quench myself

But there was



In my cup


And flowed

And fermented

For another

Future drink



Without access

I kick

If I can overturn

Catch spilled drops

With my tongue

Then it’s not me

With my hands

Around the stem

But I empty

His cup

That I filled

All the same

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