Sick of

Under Clouds and under cover

Losing a day, losing a night

Sick of letting 

the sick, 

Take the stage. 
This week was hard. 

This week was wonderful. 

I was completely lost and hurt. 

I was found and surrounded by love. 

I acknowledged I might never act again. 

I acknowledged I might be a writer. 

I accepted there’s so much I can’t do, and that computer tech will give me a panic attack. 

I accepted help when it was offered and it made my world better. 

I was a really lousy mom. 

I was a much less lousy mom. 

I was scared. 

I was brave. 

I was sick. 

I was better. 

I was sick again. 

I’m ready to publish a novel. 

I’m ready. To publish. A novel. 

I’m petrified. 

I’m excited. 

I’m working on the next thing. 

I’m working. 

At being. 

Not sick of,

Better than.