You’re Okay


Complete Fascination.

I can’t fathom how

anyone likes themselves

as they seem to do now.


How can you know

without doubt, what you think,

say and want most is

worth the cartridge of ink


it would take to print

that mess out for display?

How can anyone here

even think they’re okay?


Aren’t you scared? Aren’t you wrong?

Don’t you constantly doubt?

Who on earth is that strong?

Don’t you flounder about?


Where’s the fear, the anxiety,

the disordered depression?

How are you standing there

speaking a lesson?


To say “you’re okay”

“It’ll pass, just believe.”

Are you walking around

with an ace up your sleeve?


Some magical card

that fills you with hope

that you’re smart and your charm

is as slick as the soap


in your fabulous shower

that never has mold,

in your house where your

marvelous stories are told;


as you pour your friends wine

and then strum your guitar,

loudly laugh, self-impressed

at the genius you are.




With your four spoken languages,

your new published book,

your soon displayed sculpture,

next to pictures you took.


What the fuck is your problem?

Why can’t you just be

as miserable as all of us?

Content to just see


that it is usually shitty

and we can’t get ahead.

Now give me my wine,

let me go back to bed.


Cause I’m tired, I’m cranky

I’m chubby and late.

You eat your scratch curry

from your recycled plate.


We can’t all be good

nope, not even close

but we still try to change

our clothes and our dose


of self-loathing, the one

we prescribed to ourselves

cause esteem never served

the ones on the shelves.


I don’t want to be this.

None of us, we sure don’t .

It’s just what we know

And our brains, they just won’t


let us see what is possible,

what we just might achieve,

if just for a second

it’d let us believe;


that we might be worth more

with great things to conceive

that all of us might have

an ace up our own sleeve.


So, go on with your dreaming,

enjoy your success,

your perfect blessed family,

your tiny sized dress.

Go run those five miles

have that vegan dessert

we’ll be sitting right here

hummus stains on our shirt.


But one day we’ll get there.

So don’t be surprised

when we saddle up close

with our gorgeous thick thighs.


When know we are worthy

because of our work;

our brains and our talent

on point, but beserk.


Cause we want to be friends

have it all, just like you.

the posts and the followers

the great photos too.


Just be a bit easy

we’re taking it slow.


Wait, someone just messaged me.

K, thanks, gotta go.

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