Just Stay There


Bridge to staying.

Just stay there.

I’ll get back to you.

You’ll stay there, right?

Quiet and well,
ready and smiling,
engaged and giving.

But don’t be too.

Not too quiet,
then there’s something wrong
and I might have to fix it.

I want you well.
I like your face
when you’re well.
But not too well.
You don’t want to look
distracted or involved.
And I need my wellness.

I need to be full.

Ambition achieved

Talent realized,

Dreams in pockets.

I’m ready.



I want to play.

You’re beautiful
when you smile.
Do it more.
Just for me.

Best for me.

Be engaged,
obsessed and driven
but I need your attention.
I need to share mine,
that’s how I live and
create and validate.
But I need yours most.
You make me better.
And you’re already good.

that can never be too.
You have to give.
I need your mind
and your body.
Your talents and
your trials.
How do I know that
I am good
if you don’t give that to me?
How do I know that you’ll
stay, that
I’m not left in place
while you move
and become?

But not too.
Don’t give too.
Not the hard and the dirty
the ugly and profane.
I need you to stay right there,
and if you keep giving the
hidden, corrosive things,
I can’t stay.
I’m fragile and your acid
will burn and dissolve me.
And I don’t want to disappear.

I’m more and whole and
I want to be

So you stay.
And tomorrow,
maybe I’ll stay.
And the day after,
we’ll see who’s left.

See what’s left.

See what stayed.



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