Orange Dandelion

Art by C.K.


The dandelion on the wall was orange.
Not butter yellow.
Not snowflake white and floaty.
Orange. Pumpkin orange.
Oval not round. Bright not muted.
She stared at the painting from
the table on which she laid.
She understood life.                                                                                                                          She didn’t understand art.

The room was cold.
She was hot.
Her sweat pooled
between her breasts
and made her hair wet
from her neck to the crown
of her head.
The man in the corner
rocked side to side.
He wrung his hands.
The doctor was late.

She wasn’t scared.
She wasn’t unsure.
She was tired.
Shaky and fevered,
and wishing for what
wasn’t there at the bottom
of her purse.

That was gone.
This would be gone.
She would be gone.
Back across the water.
Back home.
She would be alone.
The rocking man, he
wasn’t strong enough
for the trip.
She was.
She would.
It would be spring again.
There would be sun again.
And the dandelions
would be yellow.


‘Orange Dandelion ‘ inspired by the novel ‘Drowning Above Water’

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