I gotta say, it was a good day. 

If my lovely, jokester father was still with me, he’d appreciate the Ice Cube reference. Like no sixty-something white guy should. But, that’s what made my dad the best. 

Today included some ADR work (additional dialogue recording for the non-film-fancypants) for a great project  I was proud to claim as something to which I made a small contribution. 

ADR can be tough. You are locked in. Can’t change the performance for love or money. Which is tough. Because I’m the guy, without fail, who will unlock a key script secret on the drive home  from the last day on set or the last time across the boards. With a locked video, all you can do, is juzz the audio and hope for the best. Fingers crossed that I gave this project the goods it rightly deserved. 

Some days, it’s just grinding. Punch in. Punch out. Acting as a daily grind like any other. But today, I got this. 

My  son was on set with me during filming and was cast. Because he’s awesome. And I got to see this in the sound booth today. 
I was so proud. Like, tears because I can’t believe I made that beautiful creature, proud. 

I’m so lucky to have shared this with him. Even if we’re never on set together again.  For just a few moments, he lived in my world. Saw what I loved. Saw why I walk away from him sometimes. Maybe he thought it was ridiculous. Maybe he’ll never do this again. I’ll be okay with that.  He got it. For just a moment. And I will cherish this. For ever and always. 

Yeah. I gotta say it was a good day. 

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