Last night, in the city that I adore,  the lights of the Empire State Building went black, out of respect for the horror that happened in Paris.

As of this morning, CNN is reporting that 128 people were killed and 180 others were injured and that terrorists had claimed responsibility for the wreckage. (Source: ; written by: Faith Karimi, Mariano Castillo and Jim Bittermann for CNN, Sat Nov 14, 2015 updated at 7:43 am)

People were crowded into a concert hall for a show.  And an attempt was made to destroy all of it.

What do you possibly say to that?  I don’t have anything.

I just looked up this morning while I was out running to clear some head and heart baggage.



November 14, 2015,  6:51 am

November 14, 2015,
6:51 am

This beautiful city and its magic are  still here.

So, today I’ll be grateful. That I can be here and hug my beloved native NY girl on the lower east side.  That I’m here to crowd on to the subway and into a theatre, and try to forget that it could be gone in a blink. That I have the incredible gift of just sitting here in the city of dreams, drinking gorgeous dark coffee and thumbing through a script. (The one for which I think the director might really want me for the part! So, I’ll re-read it. Again. And, yeah, I know. Only the really hard core among us acting dorks fantasize about spending time reading a script at a table in the Flatiron District.) That I have the incredible privilege to acknowledge such a devastating event and return to a peaceful life.

For the day, my focus is to find the peace and happy. Right here. Right now.

Drink in another day  in the place that I love.

Take another ridiculous picture (or twelve)  for my kid, who will be with me here next time.

Live in hope that we all don’t wreck this world before he gets to love New York City and Paris.

For the day and the tomorrows, healing and light to everyone in Paris.

And to my New York, thank you for being the surviving, thriving, gorgeous city that you are. I am so happy that you are here and that for just another minute,  I am able to love you.





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